Carlos Calderon Cordova

Scientific Researcher • Professor • Industrial Digital Transformation

Carlos Calderon Cordova


My profile in brief

🎯 My mission is to contribute to the technological advancement of Latin America through scientific research of disruptive technologies for the Digital Transformation of Industry and Technology Transfer. In each project, I am guided by excellence, transformational leadership, innovation, honesty, resilience, and commitment to contribute to the Sustainable Development of our Region.

✅ I work as a Scientific Researcher, University Professor, Consultant, and Executive. My areas of expertise are Industrial Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Industrial Robotics, Automatic Control, Technology Transfer, and Humanitarian Technology.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Research, Technology Transfer, and Teaching outstanding indicators
👔 As an Executive and Directive, I have 12 years of experience in University Management related to Research and Innovation. At UTPL, I am the Director of the CONSYS (Control, Automation and Intelligent Systems) Research Group, and the Coordinator of the LERAP Prototyping and Innovation Laboratory, I am also a member of the IEEE Industry Engagement Committee for Latin America. In addition, I have directed 10 R&D+i Projects, over a period of 11.7 years.
As external positions to the Academy, I was President of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Ecuador (2023), besides I was Chair/President of IEEE SIGHT Ecuador (2020-2021), and the Co-founder and the Executive President of the technology-based company KRADAC (2010-2021).
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Institutions and Research, Innovation and Executive Experience

Research and Innovation Projects

💡 As a Scientific Researcher, I have participated in 29 Research, Development, and Innovation Projects, equivalent to 20+ years and an executed budget of 1.9 Million dollars. Among the results of my research work, I am the author of 38 Scientific Publications indexed in Scopus / Web of Science, and I have also generated 9 International Patent Applications.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Research, Technology Transfer, and Community Engagement Projects

Recent R+D+I Projects are listed below:



🏆 I have received 15 Honors and Awards: “Best Academic Inventor” National Award (CEDIA, 2020, 2022 and 2024); “IEEE Senior Member” International Recognition (IEEE, USA-2020); “Ecuador Innova” Honor (Vice Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador, 2014), among others.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: National and international Awards and Recognitions (1/2)
Carlos Calderon Cordova: National and international Awards and Recognitions (2/2)

Technology Transfer

💡 As an Innovation Consultant, I have generated and transferred technology and knowledge to the Industrial and Government sectors. I have worked with the Technology industry, Food industry, Defense and national security, among others. 10+ transfer processes Academy-Industry were carried out.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Featured Organizations for which knowledge and technology have been generated and transferred


🎓 As a University Professor, I have 18+ years of experience teaching subjects in Engineering and Master´s Degree, such as Digitalization of the Industry, Industrial Robotics, Automatic Control, Instrumentation, Automation Systems, Electronic Systems, among others. In Postgraduate programs, I have collaborated with five Universities: UTPL, UTA, ESPOCH, UTMACH, and UESalvador.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Industrial technologies courses taught in Engineering and Master´s degree
🌎 I have given Keynote Conferences and Presentations at 42 national and international scientific events, held in Ecuador, Spain, Chile, United States, Portugal, Mexico, and Colombia.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: International Conferences presented, countries and universities

Media presence

📺 My activities and contributions in Research and Technological Innovation have generated presence in the media.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Featured media that have given coverage to my outstanding results in Research and Innovation




Carlos Calderon Cordova

Scientific Researcher • Associate Professor • Industrial Digital Transformation •

Department of Computer Science and Electronics

Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja