Carlos Calderon Cordova

Scientific Researcher 鈥 Professor 鈥 Industrial Digital Transformation


馃幆 My mission is to contribute to the technological advancement of Latin America through scientific research of disruptive technologies for the Digital Transformation of Industry and Technology Transfer. In each project, I am guided by excellence, transformational leadership, innovation, honesty, resilience, and commitment to contribute to the Sustainable Development of our Region.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Research, Technology Transfer, and Teaching outstanding indicators
鉁 I work as a Scientific Researcher, University Professor, Consultant, and Executive. My areas of expertise are Industrial Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Industrial Robotics, Automatic Control, Technology Transfer, and Humanitarian Technology.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Research, Technology Transfer, and Community Engagement Projects
馃挕 As a Scientific Researcher, I have participated in 29 Research, Development, and Innovation Projects, equivalent to 20+ years and an executed budget of 1.9 Million dollars. Among the results of my research work, I am the author of 38 Scientific Publications indexed in Scopus / Web of Science, and I have also generated 9 International Patent Applications. I have given Keynote Conferences and Presentations at 42 national and international scientific events, held in Ecuador, Spain, Chile, United States, Portugal, among others.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Scientific Publications and International Conferences per year
馃憯 As an Executive and Directive, I have 12 years of experience in University Management related to Research and Innovation. At UTPL, I am the Director of the CONSYS (Control, Automation and Intelligent Systems ) Research Group and the Coordinator of the LERAP Prototyping and Innovation Laboratory, I am also a member of the IEEE Industry Engagement Committee for Latin America (2024). In addition, I have directed 10 R&D+i Projects, over a period of 11.7 years.
As external positions to the Academy, I was聽President of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Ecuador (2023), besides I was Chair/President of IEEE SIGHT Ecuador (2020-2021), and the Co-founder and the Executive President of the technology-based company KRADAC (2010-2021).
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Institutions and Research, Innovation and Executive Experience
馃摎 As a University Professor, I have 18+ years of experience teaching subjects in Engineering and Master麓s Degree, such as Industrial Robotics, Automatic Control, Instrumentation, Automation Systems, Electronic Systems, among others. In Postgraduate programs, I have collaborated with five Universities: UTPL, UTA, ESPOCH, UTMACH, and UESalvador.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Teaching experience in Engineering and Master's Programs
猸 As an Innovation Consultant, I have generated and transferred technology and knowledge to the Industrial and Government sectors. I have worked with the Technology industry, Food industry, Defense and national security, among others. 10+ transfer processes Academy-Industry were carried out.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Innovation and Technology Transfer University-Industry Indicators
馃弳 Awards: I have received 15 Honors and Awards: 鈥Best Academic Inventor鈥 National Award (CEDIA, 2020, 2022 and 2024); 鈥IEEE Senior Member鈥 International Recognition (IEEE, USA-2020); 鈥Ecuador Innova鈥 Honor (Vice Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador, 2014), among others.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: National and international Awards and Recognitions
馃摵 Media: Finally, my activities and contributions in research and innovation have generated presence in the media.
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Presence in the national and international Media