Carlos Calderon Cordova

Scientific Researcher • Professor • Industrial Digital Transformation



Featured data:

  • 18.6 Years of teaching experience in Engineering and Master’s degree.
  • 80 Courses taught in Engineering and Master’s degree.
  • Performance in Teaching – Research = 98%, average value of the last 9 years.
  • Courses on: Digitization of the industry, Automation and Robotics, Industrial Instrumentation, Automatic Control, Electronic Systems, and Electrical Circuits.

University Programs:

  • 5 Universities with which I have collaborated as a Professor: UTPL, UTA, ESPOCH, UTMACH, and UES.
  • 5 Postgraduate Programs as an Associate Professor:
- Master in Control and Automation
- Master in Engineering for Industry
- Master in Artificial Intelligence
- Master in Electric Propulsion
- Master in Software
  • 4 Undergraduate Programs as an Associate Professor:
- Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
- Telecommunications Engineering
Informatics & Computer Engineering
- Industrial Engineering
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Teaching experience in Engineering and Master's degree
Carlos Calderon Cordova: Engineering and Master's Courses / Theses, taught / directed per Year