Carlos Calderon Cordova

Scientific Researcher • Professor • Industrial Digital Transformation

Technological architecture and methodology for the management of the production process of the Cafrilosa food industry.

Architectural management and digital transformation refers to a set of innovation solutions and transition to new business models and revenue streams, consisting of three fundamental pillars; automation, manufacturing process improvement and production optimization. This type of transformation is not limited to the technologies being used; it represents a culture of change embedded in all areas of work and a transformation in the way different teams are managed. This transformation is global and therefore involves the adoption of digital technologies for both internal and external operations; including sales, marketing and support efforts. To adapt, companies must fundamentally change the way they operate, be willing to embrace cultural change and rethink their status quo The present project aims to define an architectural management model to apply digital capabilities to processes, products and assets to improve the efficiency and traceability of slaughtering processes; add value to the business ecosystem (introducers, tercenists and customers); manage risk; and navigate through new opportunities for profit generation for the CAFRILOSA company. In addition, a technological architecture will be defined and generated, based on the IEC 63088 standard, consisting of hardware, software and connectivity elements, which will make it possible to digitalize and supervise the variables necessary for the traceability of the different phases of the production process.