Carlos Calderon Cordova

Scientific Researcher • Professor • Industrial Digital Transformation

Robotic system and Artificial Intelligence applied to automated and reconfigurable cutting, in a heterogeneous production line, to maximize productivity and final product quality

The project will be approached in a FIRST PHASE, from the RESEARCH component. This phase consists of the following activities, firstly, it is required to design and tune control strategies and architectures applied to the control of trajectory and speed in three dimensions in a 6-axis robotic arm for cutting materials. Then it is necessary a comparative analysis of the strategies and architectures of feedback control for the maximization of productivity and quality of the final product. Once the best control functions and routines have been analyzed and evaluated, we move on to the SECOND PHASE, which addresses the project from the component of INNOVATION and technology generation. In this second phase, a robotic system applied to automated and reconfigurable cutting will be integrated in the line of multi-products derived from clay. The prototyping phase ends with the performance evaluation of the robotic system at laboratory scale, this involves an error analysis of the various three-dimensional cutting trajectories, cutting speed analysis and productivity analysis of the system. It is expected that the laboratory testing will be expanded to testing in an environment similar to those available in the actual production process.